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Plan Formularies

The following is a list of Colorado Access plan formularies - A formulary is a list of drugs that are covered by Colorado Access. Drugs on the formulary have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective. The formulary is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect current medical standards of drug therapy.


Whether you're a health care professional or a patient, you can now access the Colorado Access formularies and other valuable drug information on your mobile device (iPhone/Android) or internet-connected computer. The Epocrates app is free.

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Once Epocrates has been installed on your mobile device, you can add our formularies in your Epocrates Account profile. You may also visit Epocrates Online at online.epocrates.com

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Claim Forms

Navitus Health Solutions

Navitus Health Solutions manages Colorado Access prescription drug benefits. By choosing Navitus, we continue our commitment to provide high quality prescription coverage to our members at reasonable costs. Navitus passes 100% of financial benefits and savings on to its clients and their members. This approach helps to keep health care accessible and affordable for your patient(s).

  • Pharmacies, click here for important information
  • Click here to visit the Navitus Health Solutions website.

Authorization Request Forms

CHP+ Offered By Colorado Access Prior Authorization Request Forms

  • Click here to view Medication Prior Authorization Request Forms.

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